Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: Gonna Rock Down To…Eclectic Avenue

This week’s Twisted Mix-Tape is another free-for-all.  I decided on the theme “Eclectic”. So I decided to pick five random songs off of my iPod, because I have a pretty eclectic mix of over 3000 songs on that thing.

For the record, this was not a case where I picked the next five songs on this and such a date. No, because it’s too easy to cheat and skip over the songs you have that you don’t necessarily want other people to know you listen to.  Instead it’s a case of I was listening to my iPod, heard a song and then thought to myself, “Hmmm, I think I’ll throw this one on the next Twisted Mix-Tape Free-For-All.”

My Skewed View


1. Blue-Jayhawks

Not much to say other than I really love this song.

2. All Over the World-ELO.

When I was ten, and solely based upon the trailer, I wanted to see the movie Xanadu in the worst possible way. I did not see it until my late 20s. I’m glad I had to wait that long so I could save the 99 cents it would have cost me to go to the Sunday afternoon matinee in New London to see it on the big screen back in 1980.  The song is infinitely better than the movie Xanadu. How bad was it? Let’s just say that it should have a Rifftrax and I was very embarrassed for Gene Kelly.

Out of all the videos on  You Tube for this song, I chose this particular one because it’s a fairly accurate representation of the sheer levels of suck in the movie Xanadu. 

3. You Don’t Want Me Anymore-Steel Breeze

This song falls under the genre I like to call Roller Rink Songs. Roller Rink Songs were from the early 1980s and were played a lot at my local roller rink, so I automatically associate them with spending a lot of time and babysitting money at the rink every Saturday.

Don’t Stop Believin’  by Journey is also a Roller Rink Song.

4. Werewolves of London-Warren Zevon

I will never, ever forgive Kid Rock for pulling a Vanilla Ice with this song. Ever.  He’s not fit to even be mentioned in the same breath as Warren Zevon. Period. End of sentence.

Warron Zevon is like Dom Periginon. Kid Rock is like Boone’s Farm.

5.  I Love It-Icona Pop

Everyone has guilty pleasure songs. This happens to be one of mine.

Since next Tuesday is Christmas Eve, there will be no Twisted Mix-Tape. In two weeks, I will post my favorite Twisted Mix-Tape from this year. I haven’t picked one out yet, so this could be interesting.


  1. Great list! I didn’t recognize that Steel Breeze song from the name, until I started playing it and remembered it got played almost non-stop on MTV. I too had a girly fit about seeing Xanadu when it first hit the theaters and my parents wouldn’t let me. I just watched it again last year to see if it was as bad as I’d remembered. It was.

    • I think the other part of the appeal back then was the music itself, which isn’t bad. The movie is terrible!

  2. I believe there is a sub-genre of Roller Rink Songs: Couples Only Skate Songs. Included in this genre per my lonely adolescent, never had anyone to skate with, self-loathing memory are “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Angel of the Morning.”

    • Yeah, I’d forgotten about that. I tried to block it out of my mind. Oh well. ;-)

  3. I got to see the Jayhawks twice when I was in college, brilliant musicians. They are so underrated. That song is amazing. I love the rest of your list, too. I saw Clay Matthews drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s. His hair was perfect.

  4. tee hee, you said roller rink songs!!! Oooh you made me think of something I hadn’t thought of in a long time. In those moments, those songs were powerful.


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