Twisted Mix-tape Tuesday 37: Addicted

Hello again.

This week’s mix-tape was the theme “Addicted to you”. I usually start writing these posts a few weeks in advance and when I started this post, all we were given was the theme. Turns out, it has to do with “addictive love”, but since this was already written when I learned that the theme was clarified, I’m not going to rewrite it.

So, here are five songs about some form of addiction.  When I think of addiction, I usually think of drugs. I know it’s obvious, but I decided to use whatever first came to mind when I heard the word.

1. Not if You Were The Last Junkie on Earth-Dandy Warhols

I love and adore this song, and I love and adore this video. I love the garish 80′s people and the dancing hypodermic needles and what appears to be bored 90′s alt-rockers and the somewhat cheeky lyrics.

2. Cold Turkey-John Lennon

Rumor has it that this song is about heroin withdrawal.

3. 30 Days in the Hole-Humble Pie

Obviously, this is a song about drugs, but I like it because it’s a prime example of early 1970′s blues-rock.

4. Got to Get You Into My Life-The Beatles

Allegedly, the “you” that Paul McCartney wants to “get into [his] life” is marijuana.

5. Cocaine-Eric Clapton

Okay, I just did what I said what I wasn’t going to do, but I have several excuses.

1. This is Eric Freakin’ Clapton.
2. This song always makes me think of this example of “Engrish” and
3. Back in the 1990′s, when I was living in Wisconsin, a train carrying propane tanks derailed in the nearby town of Weyauwega, causing the feed mill to blow up and burn to the ground, displacing residents for three weeks or so, and alternating between eye rolls and giggle fits among us Cheeseheads whenever someone from a national media outlet mispronounced the name of the town. One of the local radio stations did a parody of this called “Propane”, which was a needed bit of levity and it skewered the railroad company that owned the tracks which they did not repair and, ultimately caused this train carrying propane tanks to derail and blow up the feed mill, people being displaced from their homes for 3 weeks in March while power was cut and their pipes froze because it was March and national news correspondents mispronouncing the name Weyauwega.

And no, I was not high when I wrote why I chose this song.

My Skewed View


  1. Love Gotta Get You Into My Life. Has quite a heady beat!

  2. LOVE —> 30 Days in the Hole-Humble Pie

  3. Cocaine!! Such a great song!

  4. Great list! Any list with the Beatles is fine by me. :)

  5. LOVE. Thank you. Oh Dandy Warhol’s if only you could change the world.


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