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Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 | 8 comments

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: The Song is Always Better Than the Movie

This week’s Mix-Tape topic is songs from soundtracks. The song isn’t always better than the movie; that’s just a play on the old “the book is better than the movie” line (which is true. The book is always better than the movie.)

I had a tough time with this one because I listen to songs but I don’t pay attention to whether or not they’re from movie soundtracks. It’s more typical of me to discover a song and then later learn that it was in a movie.  But I did find five for the list and here they are:


1. Ravel’s “Bolero”

This song was featured in the movie 10. Being that I was around 9 or 10 years old, I was not allowed to watch this movie, but I certainly remember the hoopla and Bo Derek and her cornrows.  I actually first heard this song during the Torville and Dean’s gold-medal winning ice dancing routine to this song in 1984.  I did not become a listener of classical music until I was older and my tastes became more refined. I love this piece of music because of how it starts out softly and it builds and builds and builds until it’s explosive end.

Kind of like an orgasm.

2. Every Day Should Be a Holiday-The Dandy Warhols

This song appeared in two movies: There’s Something About Mary and Sideways.  I first heard this song when I bought the CD The Dandy Warhols Come Down because I loved the song and video for Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth.  I get a 1960s beach party movie vibe from this song, that is, if your 1960s beach movie had a bit of snark in it.

3. The Porpoise Song-The Monkees

This song opened the Monkee’s move, Head.  I’ve seen this movie. It’s one of those late 60′s movies that don’t make much sense unless you’re stoned out of your gourd. I like the song, though. Plus the movie has Ray Nitschke in it and I love the late #66 for the Packers.  It also has Frank Zappa in it, too. If you decide to see this, keep in mind that there’s a lot that won’t make sense unless you’re high.

4. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds-The Beatles

This song appeared in their animated movie, Yellow Submarine.  Before I ever saw the movie, this song, to me, was one that was on the Sgt. Pepper album. I actually developed a new appreciation for this when I saw the “video” for this song in the movie, particularly where it appears they took old stock footage from silent movies and colored over it so it appeared to be an animated painting. I thought that was visually striking.

5. Mah-na-ma-na-Piero Umiliani

Most of us know this song from the Muppet Show. However, legend has it that this song originally appeared in a 1968 Italian film named Svezia, inferno e paradiso (Sweden: Heaven and Hell), which was a pseudo-documentary about wild sexual behavior and other activities in Sweden. (Think The Rutles: All You Need is Cash minus the band and with lots of nudity and sex and hippies.)  In this day and age of The Google, I seriously doubt that the makers of a show that is somewhat aimed at children could get away with using a song in their TV show that was previously used in a European sex film. But hey, that’s what it was like in the 1970s. You could get away with this because most people were oblivious to these sort of things. This is why the song YMCA got to be popular without controversy or that the Village People could actually go on a Bob Hope special to sing In The Navy, which was another thinly veiled song about gay men.

I miss those days of oblivion. Now, someone would get bent out of shape over the Ma-na-ma-na song, even though it contains no actual dirty lyrics and or references to sex.

6.Honorable Mentions

Young Lust-Pink Floyd

This song is from the movie/album The Wall. I would be remiss if I did not include this song because it’s always in any list of mine that deals with sexy songs or songs that rev up the old engine, if you know what I mean. It’s also the inspiration for two characters in that novel I’ve been working on for the past 12 years and have yet to finish.

7.The Rutles-Hold My Hand

This is one of my favorite mockumentaries. I adore Beatles parodies, but this one is the best because Eric Idle’s McCartney impression is dead on and George Harrison is actually in this movie as a reporter.  There was a sequel in the early part of the 2000′s that kind of poked fun at the Beatles Anthology documentary.

Join us next week, when we mix tapes and songs that forces us to go outside of our comfort zones and into genres we normally don’t listen to.

Kathy Kramer

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  1. well, I was there…in the 60′s and I totally remember, pretty certain…no! we were not all high! It was actually worse than that (or way better than that)…the attitude was simply, ‘far out, man!’ Which accounted for a multitude of sins.
    good list

    • This is the perception of those of us who were born after 1967 have. Don’t feel bad. The kids of today have the perception that my generation listened to only hair metal, wore neon colors and had huge hair. Some of us did some of those things. A few did all of those things. :)

  2. My absolute fave of this list is Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Awesome!

  3. I loved your list so much and was very surprised that no one else yet on the blog hop had mentioned The Wall. I didn’t include it since I thought it might be a popular choice. I’m glad you caught it as an honorable mention!

  4. Nice selection on this mixtape, and I loved the title for this post.
    You know, the one exception to the “book is better than the movie” rule is Forrest Gump. I read the book. If I had read the book first, I don’t think I ever would have watched the movie. It was bad.

  5. The Wall freaked out my young teenage mind in such a good way. Shit, I think it still freaks me out.

  6. Lady – Hi fivin’ ya! I love this list! You picked Porpoise song too! And The Rutles. Yeah! I like the Dandy Warhols a lot too.

  7. Would I be out of line if I said in public this is kind of an altered states list??? I mean, just saying. Love every song on it though. Not that I would know either. And love the Ma nah ma nah history! Priceless!