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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Monday Listicles | 4 comments

Monday Listicles-Impractical

Well, it’s been awhile since I did a Listicle or two.  Actually a long while. Been busy with an editing job and I had some personal matters to attend to, but I’m back and I’m ready to tackle another List of Ten before I head back to Wisconsin to visit relatives, watch Packers practice and go to my *a-hem* 25th high school reunion.

This week’s topic is The Impractical. So here is my list of ten things I find to be impractical.  Next week’s topic is 10 Ridiculous Things I Saw Online. I think that one is tailor-made for me! I have a Pinterest board or two just for that kind of thing!


1. 98% of all the manicures shown on Pinterest. To quote the meme, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

2. 98% of all the hairstyles on Pinterest. It seems that most of them either don’t come with instructions or it takes five hands to create them. In spite of this, I still pin them.

3. “Tablescapes”-While it’s a good idea to make your table look nice when having people over for dinner, some people just take it too far.  First of all, it’s too much work. Second, the table setting shouldn’t distract people from the actual food.

4. Zoomies. Because real binoculars are soooooooooooooo harrrrrrd!

5. Sauna Pants.  If I have to dress like the Michelin Man and suffer a bad case of swamp ass to lose weight, I’d rather be fat.

6. Health Insurance Coverage for Psychiatric Services- My insurance doesn’t cover a medication that I was taking and worked because “it cost too much”. So because of that, I had to stop taking that medication and take a cocktail of four meds that didn’t work as well (which cost as much together as the one they wouldn’t cover), plus there are the therapy visits, not to mention my one week stay in the hospital and the four week intensive outpatient program I was in.   They’ll pay for all of that, but not one medication that I knew worked.

7. White bathing suits.  This one is self-explanatory.

8. 99% of the wedding pins on Pinterest.

9. Roundabouts on freeway exits. They are just confusing, especially when you are not used to them because you live in a state that doesn’t have them. I know that roundabouts save money and keep traffic moving.  Leave them to regular intersections where they are less confusing and dangerous.

10. Heels higher than 3 inches. I’m convinced that they were invented by someone who hates women because while, at least according to my husband, they make my legs look nice, they are impossible to walk in and make my feet hurt like hell.



Kathy Kramer

Kathy Kramer has words in her head, so she writes them down. Kiki Dee had words in her head, but she only just said them. Kathy has other things in her head that aren’t so great, but that’s what the medication is for.

Kathy is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Plains Magazine and eFiction Magazine. Kathy is originally from Wisconsin but her mid-life crisis prompted her to move to South Dakota because she can’t be like other people and do normal mid-life crisis things like dress inappropriately for her age, get Botox or chase after younger men. No. Kathy has to be different.

When Kathy isn’t writing her author bio in the third person, she likes to make things, she likes to read books, and she likes to go outside. Kathy lives with her husband, whom she refers to in these pages as The Hubby or D.

Kathy also likes to hang out on Twitter a lot, especially during football games. Kathy is a Green Bay Packers fan and has been since she was born. She is also a contributor to NFL, as a writer about the Green Bay Packers.


  1. Haha, I’m with you on the high heels. I got that one on my list too. Who invented these things?

    As for the sauna pants, I’ve never heard of them but they sound brutal. Must be the same person who invented the high heels.

  2. I just recently saw the commercial for Zoomies…WTH!!! I have a hard time understanding the “logic” when it comes to insurance coverages too.

  3. I love looking at heels…but my aching back!!!

  4. LOL…this is the second time that I’ve seen high heels make the list. I was cracking up on your Pinterest observations (5 hands for a hairstyle, manicures (really creative stuff out there), and wedding pins (LOL!) have never heard of Zoomies…gotta look that one up.

    Happy Listicles Monday!