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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 | 1 comment

WTF Pinterest?

Between the crafts using mason jars, cupcakes, manicures, 101 things you can do with Modge Podge, upcycling and chevrons, there lurks the offbeat and those things that just leave you scratching your head.  I collect them on a Pinterest board I call .

Here are a few of them.

For the Modern Patriot Woman:

Every woman needs the best protection during that time of the month. This was designed for the modern, god-fearing woman.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest


Don’t trust those socialist, godless regular maxi-pads!  These colors don’t run!   God Bless ‘Murrica

(I don’t think this is an actual product, but if it is, it’s very clever.)

The Customer is Always Right. Even if I have to beat it into you!

Here is a vintage ad for Kelloggs’ Corn Flakes.

Source: Uploaded by user via Kathy on Pinterest


Because physical assault and bad grammar are perfect ways to sell your breakfast cereal.

Sex Panther, Now in Cigar Form

Sex has always been used in advertising. Check out this ad for cigars. It implies that if you smoke these cigars and blow smoke in her face, she’ll succumb to your charms.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest


Yes, your rank cigar breath is a powerful aphrodisiac!

The Amount of Polyester in this Suit Singlehandedly Caused the 1970s Energy Crisis

Then there’s this hip 1970s sex god!

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest


“Fits so tight, it shows all you got.” If this picture is any indication, he ain’t got much.  Seriously, who thought this was sexy??  On the other hand, it was the 1970s and most people were coked out of their minds. Through the magic of Cocaine Goggles, anyone would look hot.

The Victorians Weren’t Kidding Around When They Made Laxative

Back before the 1920s, being regular was a very big deal.  Constipation was the root of all evil and every health woe was usually blamed on constipation.  Here’s a vintage laxative ad.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest


Guaranteed to scare the shit out of you, or your money back! Those Victorians don’t mess around!

Lonely Girls Need Love, Too

Something for the lonely ladies out there.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest


Because every lonely woman dreams of waking up into the creepy gaze of someone on the sex offender registry.

Epicuriosity Killed the Taste Buds

And finally, we have this tasty dish.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest


The only thing this inspires me to do is to choke back the vomit that is rising in my throat upon the sight of this nasty creation. Whoever devised this recipe must hate humanity with a passion.

Kathy Kramer

Kathy Kramer has words in her head, so she writes them down. Kiki Dee had words in her head, but she only just said them. Kathy has other things in her head that aren’t so great, but that’s what the medication is for.

Kathy is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Plains Magazine and eFiction Magazine. Kathy is originally from Wisconsin but her mid-life crisis prompted her to move to South Dakota because she can’t be like other people and do normal mid-life crisis things like dress inappropriately for her age, get Botox or chase after younger men. No. Kathy has to be different.

When Kathy isn’t writing her author bio in the third person, she likes to make things, she likes to read books, and she likes to go outside. Kathy lives with her husband, whom she refers to in these pages as The Hubby or D.

Kathy also likes to hang out on Twitter a lot, especially during football games. Kathy is a Green Bay Packers fan and has been since she was born. She is also a contributor to NFL, as a writer about the Green Bay Packers.

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  1. Oh, Lord! The first one? Ewww. LOL You must have a blast looking up this stuff. Love the pillow case. :-)