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NFL Week 3 as Told in Tweets

This is CLEARLY an interception. The NFL must answer for this.

Week 3 is upon us now. The opening weekend jitters have passed and Packer fans are still reveling in the team’s trouncing of Da Bears last week Thursday.  Waiting from 11 days between games is not fun, especially when it’s not a bye week.  It’s been too long. There was a bit of controversy this […]

BlogHer Book Club: Daring Greatly

The book Daring Greatly should be required reading for every single person in the world. A bold statement, but the information contained within this book is the solution to all of the societal problems we like to complain about.  It’s difficult to go into an Internet forum, open a newspaper’s editorial page or listen to […]

The Ugly Side of Apple Pie and White Picket Fences

Ten minutes before the end of my shift, I paused to stretch my achy muscles.  I headed to the back area of the store pushing an empty cart with a very loud, squeaky wheel.  I cringed at the grating sound. The mismatched, partially defective and obviously donated shopping carts were only used for taking wares […]


NFL Week 2 As Told in Tweets

Welcome! Glad you could come back for Week 2!  This is NFL Week 2 as Told in Tweets.  I curate the funniest tweets that show up in my Twitter timeline during various games.  Okay, usually the Packers game, Sunday Night Football and another game that’s nationally televised. Yes, I sometimes put my own tweets in […]

nfl, Packers-Bears Rivalry, Week 2

Never Forget

“Never Forget” It’s only six minutes to eight in the morning on the eleventh of September as I write this, and I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve seen this statement on Facebook and Twitter. It’s probably just me, but when I see those words, it sets my teeth on edge.  My first […]

NFL Week One-Told in Tweets

It’s baaaaaaack! Last year, I started a series of blog posts where I collected the previous week’s football related tweets.  I get on Twitter and chat with my fellow fans and favorite NFL parody accounts. I noticed that some of the tweets were hilarious and should be preserved. Well, it’s back.  So without further adieu, […]

NFL Week 1,

Monday Listicles-Ten Songs

This week’s list of ten is 10 Songs.  Just ten songs.  So I decided to give you 10 songs.  Ten random songs that have not much to do with each other.   1.  The 1970s Lite Brite commercial. I’m not sure why I love this song.  Maybe it’s the groovy 1970s harpsichord. All I know […]

Parenting Doesn’t End When Your Kids Grow Up

  When the time comes and your children leave the nest, you aren’t really done parenting.  In fact, I’m now entering strange territory. This past Monday, my son called me.  T is almost twenty-one. He hits that milestone birthday at the end of October.  I was 21 when I had T. Family history is repeating […]


Monday Listicles-School Daze

Hi Listicleers!  Today is Labor Day, which means for many people, that school starts, if it hasn’t already started.  Here in Sioux Falls, school started on August 21st, so for our kids, it’s Week 3.  The upside to starting school early is that the kids finish in mid-May.  In a tourist state such as South Dakota, it […]


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