Kids Say the Darndest Things-Video of the Week

I found this video through a link on Twitter, which led me to a blog.  I think those of us who have kids at some point dealt with kids saying the darnedest things.  In my case, I had the misfortune of starting to laugh the first time I ever heard my son say a swear word.  Here is this adorable little three year old, just doing his thing and all of a sudden, I hear this little voice say, “What the hell??”

For about thirty seconds, I laughed.  And remembered that I was the Mom and I wasn’t supposed to laugh at this.  So I stopped and then I told him that he shouldn’t say it and reminded myself to have a talk with his father about watching his language in front of the child.

Then there is my niece.  When she was four and her brother was 7, she got Cinderella Barbie and her carriage for Christmas while my nephew got a toy version of Batman’s Tumbler (from the movie, not the Batmobile from the TV show).  As all kids do on Christmas, the toys came out of their respective packages.  Suddenly, my niece, who is very small for her age, shouts (out of the blue, I might add) “ATTAAAAAACK!!” as she made Cinderella Barbie’s team of horses and pink plastic carriage (with Cinderella Barbie in said carriage) charge towards Batman’s car.  “The Tumbler is going DOWN!” she added.

Now she draws.  She drew a Happy Stig Farm.  The Stig is a popular character on the British TV show Top Gear.  This same little girl, who also likes pink, American Girl dolls, and My Little Pony, made a handmade birthday card for her cousin, my son.  She drew a picture of a farting dog on it.  She was about 7 or 8 at the time she drew that.

And then there was the picture of the pooping birds…

Anyway, here is the video.

This just made me laugh.  Go visit her blog.  :)

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  1. I laughed too the first time I heard my daughter swear. We were playing a card game and not only did she use the word in proper context but also with proper inflection. I couldn’t help but chuckle. My husband and I exchanged looks and chose not to say anything, until the second time during the game when she swore again. Sadly, I must admit she learned that particular word from me.


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